Becoming a Freemason

The decision to become a Freemason is a personal decision. Every man to join the Fraternity, past and present, had their own reasons. A man cannot be compelled to join, but he must seek it himself. Membership is handled on the lodge level, the first step towards membership is to request a membership petition from a local lodge. Membership requirements vary from state to state, all candidates must meet several basic requirements for the Grand Lodge of Wyoming:

  • Male, at least 19 years old
  • Have good moral character
  • Personal belief in a Supreme Being
  • Resident of your home lodge’s jurisdiction for 6 months
  • An expressed interest in joining the Fraternity
  • Recommendations of three Master Masons

Completed petitions are submitted to a local lodge for consideration, along with a small application fee. If all is in order, the petition will be read at a stated Lodge meeting. The next step in the application is the formation of a special investigative committee, appointed by the Lodge to meet with the applicant personally. Their findings are reported back to the Lodge. Afterwards the Lodge will vote on the applicant’s petition, only an unanimous vote will approve a petition.

For more information about the how to become a Freemason in Wyoming, please contact the Lodge 8 Secretary.