From The Worshipful Master

Thank you for taking the time to stop and take a look around our Lodge and / or Masonry.  Sheridan Lodge #8 has been a proud member of our community since 1886.  You will find that several of our past members have had street named after them as they were prominent members of their community, just as we strive to be today…not that we expect any streets to be named after us.  At least not yet…

As you will see elsewhere in our site the answer to what is Freemasonry is very individual as ever Mason may have a different way of answering the question.  My answer is one that brought me to Freemasonry.  To Make Good Men Better.

It is important to me that there is still a place for good people to meet together, share fellowship, share ideas and ideals, and learn to become better because of the meeting.  The traditions and lessons of Freemasonry are handed down to us through a series of lectures and symbols that all have deep meaning.  I was just listening to a lecture given by one of our brothers last year, one that I had probably heard several dozen times, and picked up a new tidbit that I had not fully understood.  It is amazing that there are men that have devoted years to studying Masonry and its teachings that still have these moments.

I like that I have a group of Brothers that I can count on when I am in need.  Years ago we had one of our members become ill while out of town.  A call to that Lodge’s secretary and in no time there were a group of men at our Brother’s bedside seeing what they could do to help.

Freemasonry, or Masonry as I often refer to it as, has taught me to be a better man.  Through the relationships with other good men, through the little tidbits I still pick up from the ideas handed down to us in the lectures we hear, and through the discipline it takes to run a Lodge.

I would welcome you to give me a call to visit.  Our Building Committee just did an amazing job of remodeling our main Lodge room with a gift made to our Lodge from an anonymous donor.  I would gladly show you around the space and see if there were any questions I could answer.

If you aren’t ready for a tour just yet, and you are already a good man, I would welcome you to visit with someone you know who is a Mason and see if it is the right fit for you.  I am assuming (which is always dangerous) that the fact that you stopped on this page means that you have some interest in our fraternity.

To Be One, Ask One.


Ken Thorpe

Worshipful Master

Sheridan Lodge #8